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Monique has worked for various companies and simultaneously worked independently growing her vision by pursuing projects for friends, businesses and acquaintances. Her vision is to take small businesses to the next level through unique and engaging experiences.  

Latest Projects

SAMPLE 1: Project Manager 

The objectives of the Braves program were to engage with new consumers. Interact and educate consumers on new terms of Cash Back Rewards card. Once consumers finished survey and application handed out POS of consumer’s choice. 

SAMPLE 2: Makeup and Martini Series 

Created and designed a unique drinks experience by matching drinks with makeup palette of guest’s choice. Serviced over 60 guests at each series using craft bartending skills to facility and develop content for the event. 

SAMPLE 3: Freelance Lifestyle Photography Series 

This project was a unique experience that was taken over a two year period for a college internship portfolio. The series includes photos from music producers, behind the scenes music video photo stills, Plaza Park days, college promotional tours and Atlanta nightlife promotions.  

Monique has been the team lead on dozens of project I've worked for with Envision, including being tasked with greeting unaccompanied minors attending summer camps in Atlanta.  Throughout the year she has accompanied and participated in helping corporations with team building exercises, and help facilitate communication skills for corporate events.

What Monique brings to the table is a calm attitude, clear direction, and precise delegation. Many would feel overwhelmed by the tasks set before or team, however we prevailed over ever obstacle and difficult set of circumstances due to her leadership.  She is also excellent at delivering a brand’s message with ease an precise clarity.
I always look forward to working with Monique.

Benjamin Gaines

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